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Nov 10, 2012 11:55pm EST
been true -- they used to assign reporters the same story to two reporters to see who does the better job. there is a huge cultural issue here. what is happening because of diminished resources is news organizations are starting to say, i cannot do that kind of work on my own. i will start to work with other technically competing news organizations. i have been involved mostly in large-scale collaborations that involve pbs frontline, propublica, we are doing something with univision and the center for investigative reporting. it may seem like a no-brainer -- it kind of is, and especially today, but culturally is against the norm. we received at uc berkeley a grant a couple of years ago from the knight foundation -- they asked us to do a how-to model for collaborative reporting. we quickly realized that before we can teach people to do this, we need to change their mind. we need to change the culture in some way or start to talk about the culture. do they always play well with others? no, not always. the thing i say every conferences i think that in the news industry we need to
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Nov 23, 2012 9:00pm PST
♪ >> bill: that is this edition of the factor thanks very much for watching us. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here, we are definitely looking out for >>> ten, nine, eight. >> this is the end of the cycle. >> it's the magnetic poles will reverse. >> it's a wildcard. astroids are a wildcard, sometimes they can sneak up on you. >> it's big bussa. >> you just saw our own count down. summer solstice, june 21st leading up to the date the mayan calendar says doomsday. i'm bill hemmer and welcome to our special presentation. the fact that the mayan calendar will held december 21 but don't believe the hype. we're certain the world will not end that day. doomsday has been predicted by religions and cultures countless time.on this program we investie our fascination with doomsday. why today has been pinned on the maya. adam housley explores and lauren green investigates the good and evil and second coming of christ is imminent. amy kellogg what they share with the neolithic builders of stonehenge. but first, we travel to southern mexico and jewel of the mayan period. ♪
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Nov 21, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> odd rituals, strange numbers, were these symbols of a message that the maya left for us to decode a future apocalypse. >> speaking of that mystery when you have any kind of mystery or any kind of uncertainty it can bring people out of woodwork so to speak. we have seen that with the mayans. >> its natural thing all through history. the change of the last 1,000 ad a lot of people thought it was the end. >> end of the world predictions include a collision with planet "x" or the earth passing through the milky way galaxy the disruption of solar flares, even the reversal of the north and south poles. all of them could have a devastating impact on our planet. >> for example today, if we could see the sun, really interesting effects would occur at temple of inscriptions and ray of light we call it naked eye astronomy. you can do an amazing with four sticks and a some strings. you need a flat surface where the planets and moon and sun sets. so when the sunrise is going to be right there again. >> pretty impressive for people that didn't have any instruments? >> they didn't have any tools t
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Nov 25, 2012 7:00pm PST
again. >> pretty impressive for people who didn't have any instruments. >> the maya didn't use any tools to record the stars. it was the direct observation of the moving of the stars. >> mexican archeologists has worked on many sites of the mayan ruins. >> only people related to the power where the people who kept the record of these important dates. >> they were able to visit past and future skies. they were able to look ahead and what they looked ahead to and found it was significant in what we call the 21st of december 2012. >> graham hancock is author of the book fingerprints of the gods. >> with the mayan calendar it is possible to tell exactly what the phase of a moon will be on a particular day 2,000 years from now or 2,000 years before now. >> the ancient maya had calendars that read on the cycle of the sun, the moon and the visible planet. >> why was the solstice important to maya? >> the solstice is very important because they kept the records of the change of the seasons. they can now know that the rainy season is going to begin and for the construction of the building t
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)